Often a valuable additional examination method.


Sonography or ultrasonography is the scanning of the body part to be examined with an ultrasonic sensor. This sensor sends out an ultrasonic pulse and receives its echo from the body. This information can then be recovered from inside the body and shown as a picture.
The method is applied for more than 25 years and is characterized by simplicity and harmlessness. My practice has a new high-frequency ultrasound with integrated power Doppler of the latest generation of the manufacturer Siemens. If you need an ultrasound examination, please contact us not only to arrange an appointment, but also to find out, whether you should come sober.

Ultraschall-Untersuchung der Brust

In breast diagnostics, the ultrasound examination is usually a very good complementary examination to mammography.

However, ultrasound is also used in the diagnosis of a number of other organs, as well as in tumor follow-up (eg skin cancer, melanoma).